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"As a novice to massage therapy, I was slightly intimidated when using a generous gift certificate for Christy's massage services.  What a genuine treat this turned out to be for me.  I "checked out" for a wonderful hour that restored me physically and spiritually after a difficult six months;  Christy is a wonderful professional with a great personality and a kind heart.      Priscilla S. Northern Va.

"Thank you for your gift of touch—you have made a difference in my recovery from my auto accident earlier this year.  I’m not 100% yet but considering that I have seen a number of Doctors for soft tissue injuries and none have made a the marked difference as your deep tissue work.  You took the time to learn about my injury and focus the work in those areas.  Along with other treatments by Physical Therapists and Chiropractors – forming a team and working together to treat me has helped me come to terms with chronic pain and avoid surgery up till this time (some 8 months later).I am appreciative to your work and your caring ways."         Don G. Arlington, Va.

"At the end of a session with Christy, I feel not only incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated, but younger and more empowered.  Her body work also enables me to get in touch with hidden feelings which, in turn, allows me the opportunity to deal with them instead of staying  in denial."    Sandy C.  Fairfax Station, VA

"Many years ago I experienced severe muscle spasms in my neck and upper body.  I had x-rays, took muscle relaxers and pain killers, and went to physical therapy.  It helped for the moment I was in PT, or just after I took the pill, but not much longer than that. I was beginning to think that I would have to get used to the pain for the rest of my life.  Then I discovered Christy!  After a series of theraputic massages over about 2 or 3 months, I felt nearly cured.  I have never felt better!  I even "graduated" to other therapies for de-stressing and relaxation, as opposed to just for pain.  I still need the occasional pain relief, but it seems much fewer and further between these days.  Now I enjoy all the therapies, the new and the old, Deep Tissue to Raindrop.  The deep relaxation is refreshing and revitalizing.  Christy has gotten to know what I need and expect and, after many years, I do not hestitate to refer anyone to her. " Linda S. Alexandria, Va.

"I have been blessed many times over by the happenstance that brought me to Christy and Inner Peace Wellness.  She is a gifted massage therapy and body worker without a doubt.  But the intangibles that she brings to each session are almost even more important.  She has the gift of knowing what the body needs and then incredibly enough, the ability to provide just the right touch. She is a gift to all who come to her for healing."  Cathy D.  Alexandria Va.
"Christy is not only a massage therapist but a truly gifted and talented healer.  I wouldn't trust my body to anyone else...more importantly I feel very comfortable referring clients especially the senior residents at Greenspring Retirement Village to Christy because of her caring and gentle demeanor with a population that has rarely, if ever experienced the therapeutic benefits of massage."   Pat K.  Springfield, Va.

 "I have been one of those life long people who could not understand the big attraction to massage.  I did not see the benefit; I could not justify the cost; and in general was a real naysayer.  I had spinal surgery several years ago and my neurosurgeon recommended massage.  At first, as always, I was very skeptical.  But at his insistence I looked beyond what I call those beauty salon back room massage places, and tried several therapeutic massages from different people.  Fortunately for me I found Christy only after 3 tries and would never go anywhere else again.  She has truly converted me, and I now sing the praises and benefits of massage.  She is not only skillful, knowledgeable, and professional, she is extremely nice and makes you feel completely at ease.  Christy offers a whole array of mind body services that are very beneficial and she keeps current on the latest techniques and products.  It is not possible for me to give a higher recommendation. Once you have a session with her, you will see what I mean!"  Nancy F. Gainesville, Va.

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