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Each bodywork session is a synergistic partnership working to create balance, harmony, and wellness. 

Every session is tailored to suit your specific needs at the time by carefully blending a variety of bodywork modalities.  

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Massage Therapy (includes aromatherapy)

A customized session designed specifically for your goals, integrating a variety of bodywork styles and essential oils.  The possibilities are endless as your skilled therapist tailors a one-of-a-kind session just for you.

Relaxing Swedish, Trigger Point, Sports, Deep Tissue, Integrated Energy Therapy, Cupping, Edgar Cayce, and many more styles can be incorporated. 

30 minute session      $55
60 minute session      $99
75 minute session   $115 (recommended for first visit to include consult)
90 minute session      $135
120 minute session    $175

Aroma-Journey Massage

Take a journey through fields of lavender, deep into the forest, or perhaps you'll choose a citrus boost or chakra balancing. The possibilities are endless! Treat yourself with a customized blending of oils created to meet your wellness goals. Massage therapy combined with pure essential oils specifically chosen for your preferences immerse you in head-to-toe aromatherapy bliss.

75 minute session      $125
90 minute session      $145
120 minute session    $185

The Treat

Great gift idea! The perfect escape featuring a full-body custom-blended aromatherapy massage with a sea salt exfoliating treatment for the feet, and ending with the deep heat of a hot stone back massage.

90 minute session       $155

Hot Stone Serenity

Give your bodywork session a boost with the deep heat of warm stones easing away the stress and tension. Massage with smooth basalt stones glide across the muscles with deeply relaxing movements that are extremely effective. Hot stone massage receives rave reviews from those with aches and pain from overexertion, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

75 minute session      $132
90 minute session      $149
120 minute session    $190

Integrated Energy Therapy

A hands-on form of energy work that is both subtle, yet powerful.  It is known for "getting the issues out of the tissues" by releasing blockages and patterns in our body which are limiting.  Both balancing and realigning, it is performed while the patient is clothed (unless combined with massage).   Typically 45 minutes needed for a full-session. Can be incorporated into any massage or bodywork session. Pricing same as massage.

Chakra Anointing Aromatherapy

Balancing and aligning for the body, this session uses specially created blends of essential oils placed directly on the body for each of the seven chakras with specific affirmations and visualization.  Combined with your choice of therapy following the anointing you get to design your treatment.  Usually combined with scalp massage, foot reflexology or back and neck massage.  You will leave feeling refreshed and renewed. 

See Aroma-Journey pricing.

Revitalizing Back Treatment

An invigorating and exfoliating back scrub, followed by steam towels, moisturizing aromatherapy and stress busting back, neck and shoulder massage.

45 minute session      $89

Body & Spirit Balance-2 hours!

60 minutes of aromatherapy massage with relaxing hot stone back massage and 60 minutes of energy balancing I.E.T.

120 minute session     $190

Prenatal Massage/Postpartum Recovery Massage

Specialized massage designed for expecting mothers throughout the term of pregnancy as well as postpartum to aid in recovery.  It is especially beneficial to mother and baby using techniques to target specific areas of tension, calm and to help the body prepare for labor and birth.  Excellent for back pain, muscle cramps and pelvic pain due to structural/postural issues associated with pregnancy.  Also helpful for edema (swelling), stress reduction, emotional support and recovery for the mother during this life changing year. 

60 minute session     $99
75 minute session     $115
90 minute session     $135 (recommended to allow time for assessment and massage)

Packages available as a gift or for mother to use at any time during pregnancy and postpartum.  See packages on side bar.

Soothing Body wrap

Enjoy this wonderfully soothing treatment to hydrate and nourish the skin as well as calm the mind. Using all natural, organic Eminence products, choose between the mango exfoliating wrap to smooth out rough, dry skin or try the blueberry soy slimming wrap.  Begins with dry brushing to stimulate circulation and lymphatic movement, followed by an application of a gel mixture where you are then wrapped in a warm cocoon to maximize absorption. Followed by steam towels and application of hydrating body butter blend or full body massage (extended session), you will leave feeling completely nourished from head to toe.

75 minute session   $135
Body Wrap Joy 90 minute session with Massage and Foot Reflexology   $149
Body Wrap Bliss 120 minutes with Full Body Massage, Foot Scrub with Reflexology  $200

Body Wrap Nirvana 3 hour combo session including massage and specialty therapies  $275

Castor Oil Pack with Foot Reflexology or Massage

As made famous by Edgar Cayce, castor oil packs are primarily used for detoxification, injury, inflammation, improved lymphatic and circulatory movement.  Typically placed over the liver on the right side of the rib cage and abdomen, the “pack” is made from using cotton/ flannel fabric soaked in castor oil and warmed with a heating pad.  During the treatment you will receive soothing foot reflexology to further enhance the benefits.  The pack is yours to keep following the session and is good for up to one year for reuse.  Written instructions for use included.

60 minute session    $112
75 minute session    $127
90 minute session    $149

Private Instructional Massage Session

Perfect for couples, expectant mothers, spouses and friends who wish to learn specific techniques for home use. Helpful in situations where daily massage is needed to help in injury recovery, pain reduction or pregnancy.  Schedule your normal session and invite your partner to observe during your treatment and learn first hand techniques that are safe for use at home for your specific issues. 
Regular massage pricing.  75-90 minutes recommended.

Make your next session a combination of therapies
Create a custom session by choosing services below

Sea Salt Exfoliating Foot Scrub

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage
Aromatherapy Hand or Foot Reflexology
Mini Integrated Energy Therapy Session
Castor Oil Pack (30 minutes required)
Aromatherapy Chakra Anointing
Invigorating Sea Salt Back Scrub

Talk to you therapist about the best combination for your next visit and pricing.

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